You can not plan for originality.
But you can strive.
You can strive for craftsmanship that
can withstand every use and abuse
…and survive.
You can strive for design, that is not easily seduced
by the cheap tricks or transient trends.
You can strive for a quality that,
as it lives and breathes through the ages,
Will become more beautiful, more attractive.
You can strive for an unarguable aesthetic
that transcends any reproach.
You can strive to make every detail immortal.
You can strive to, even in this day and age,
to create something truly original.
And with fair winds and dedication, it might just be,
you have created something a little more permanent.

A legacy
A Modern Original.

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture


A fusion of thought-inherited properties and innovative ideas is what Fredericia stands for today.
Founded in 1911, Fredericia has always been a family owned and managed company. From it’s modest beginnings as a Danish upholstery workshop, to becoming a major force in the emerging shape of Danish Modern in the 1950s, to today, where the Fredericia name has become a truly international brand. Our proud history of design continues every day as we strive to create the modern originals of tomorrow. The combination of talented designers, our personal approach during the development stage, and a network of production partners that employ the latest technologies guarantees unparalleled excellence. Our history, personality and commitment to quality is reflected in every piece of furniture that leaves our factory.