Lacquered wood

At Fredericia we use a light lacquer treatment that partially fills the grain, so that the woood structure will appear through the surface. This light lacquer treatment is more gentle than a dense lacquer, however scratches will not easily exposed, the wood itself is nice to touch, and the resulting aging will be more beautiful.

Whether clear or black lacquered, our furniture is easy to clean and is dirt resistant. However, the treatment is not easy to restore if damaged, therefore you should take care not to leave water on the surface of lacquered woods as it may sink into the microscopic cracks and cause warping. Lacquered surfaces are also sensitive to humidity, direct sunlight and alcohol.

Wipe with a clean, dry soft cloth – always in the direction of the grain, as this will minimize the possibility of small scratches caused by dust particles. Spots should be removed using a lacquer treatment agent.
If deeper washing is required, use a cloth soaked in lukewarm water that has a small amount of universal cleaning detergent added and wrung well. It is important to choose a mild detergent with no sanding properties. After cleaning, dry the surface with a clean, dry cloth immediately.

If kept well, no additional treatments are necessary. Avoid spilling liquids and keep furniture surfaces dry. Original Fredericia lacquer can be purchased for covering smaller cracks. Discolouration of lacquer cannot be removed with cleansing detergents and you should consult your Fredericia retailer for professional treatment.

Painted wood

Painted wood should be treated in the same manner as lacquered wood. Touch up paint for small cracks in the paint caused by hard wear can be obtained from Fredericia.