Oiled treated wood

Oil treated wooden furniture is very resistant to dirt and water, small scratches and marks are not easily seen. The oil is absorbed into the wood and creates a surface that is smooth with a silky touch. At Fredericia, oil treatment is available for a number of our models in oak or smoked oak.

Oiled oak: For oiled oak furniture, we use an oil that has a light white pigmentation which serves to retain the natural colour of the oak.

Smoked oak: The oak is smoked in ammonia steam. After sanding, the smoked oak is then treated with a clear oil/wax solution.

Use a clean, dry cloth. We do not recommend using wet cloths on oil treated surfaces. If spots cannot be removed with a dry cloth, use a clean cloth soaked in clean water and wrung well. Firmly wipe the surface in the direction of the grain with a clean, dry cloth. If necessary, soap flakes can be added to the water (¼ DL soap flakes to 5 litres), or a detergent that is specificially designated for oiled surfaces (clear oil). After washing and removal of spots, new oil must be applied to the entire surface, following the maintenance instructions.

Caution: Never use chemicals, scouring pads, steel wool, or the like, as this will damage the surface.

Oil treated surfaces should be maintained with a thin layer of new oil. Application of new oil should only be done when necessary. If the wooden surface looks dry, faded or is spotted, an oil product should be applied. If the surface is not faded or spotted, we do not recommend to oil the surface, as it is possible to over treat. Application of oil 1-2 times a year is usually sufficient to maintain the colour and glow of the wood.

Before applying oil, the furniture must be cleaned with a soft cloth that has been well wrung in lukewarm water. If the wood grains ”raise”, lightly sand them with a 240 grain sanding paper. After evenly distributing the oil to the entire wooden surface, wipe the oil off with a clean, dry cloth in the direction of the wood grain, and let the furniture surface dry completely.

Caution: Never use linseed oil for any furniture maintenance.

Oil soaked cloths are flammable and should be disposed of responsibly. We recommend containing used oiled cloths in a sealed plastic or metal container with a little added water.