Din Chair


Years of study led to the design of Din Chair that is characterised by a highly international appeal combined with immense seating comfort while dining and socialising.

Material Options
Din Chair
Din Chair - Model 3320
W: 58.8 cm
D: 55 cm
H: 77.5 cm
Wt: 12.5 kg
Cbm: 0.3 cbm
Sh: 46 cm

About The Collection


DIN - NEW 2018



“The Din chair is gracious, welcoming and designed for relaxed dining and generous hospitality.”

Oeo is a multi-disciplinary design studio focusing on interior architecture and product design. Head of Design, Thomas Lykke is a strong believer in “reason for being”. He shares an ardent drive for creating products and ex­periences that harbour an inner sense of necessity and offer enduring quality. A great passion for craftsmanship, tactile natural materials and a lived-in sensibility for the detail are essential elements in his aspirational designs with several earning a place in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.