Mundo Lounge

Susanne Grønlund

Mundo Lounge chair is a Scandinavian design that also reveals a sense of humour. The enclosing shape of the back creates excellent seating comfort while offering integrated armrest.

Material Options
Mundo Lounge
Mundo Lounge - Model 1036
4 legs  
W: 78 cm
D: 66,5 cm
H: 75,5 cm
Wt: 10 kg
Cbm: 0.54 cbm
Sh: 43,5 cm

About The Collection

The whimsical curvature of the Mundo backrest makes it not only comfortable, but has a warm personality. Mundo’s design utilises the properties of plywood to create a strong and distinct design. The Mundo Chair was designed in 2006 and expanded on the already heavily explored field of moulded plywood chairs. Mundo Lounge chair was added to the collection in 2007 as continuation of the series. Mundo Lounge has an ample backrest, providing exceptional comfort in a proportionally balanced chair.

Susanne Grønlund is both a furniture and textile designer, and in creating the upholstery for the Mundo series, Grønlund worked intensively on innovating existing upholstery techniques, in order to improve upon the special inner upholstery of the series.

The Mundo series is suitable for lounges, canteens and waiting areas due to the strong construction, as well as comfortable and playful design, making it a warm edition to a home kitchen or living room.

Made in Denmark


Mundo Series

Susanne Grønlund


Grønlund builds upon the Scandinavian tradition of design, adding a sense of humour to her creations. With the 2009 Mundo chair for Fredericia, she succeeded to create a new logical structure for a previously explored field of moulded plywood chairs.