Timo Ripatti

Eve is a lightweight wooden lounge chair in an aesthetically intriguing design that combines a wooden ring with a moulded wooden seat, resulting in a genuinely iconic appearance.

Material Options
Eve - Model 2592
W: 66.3 cm
D: 69.5 cm
H: 70.8 cm
Wt: 5.2 kg
Cbm: 0.39 cbm
Sh: 41.5 cm

About The Collection


EVE - NEW 2018

Timo Ripatti


“The Eve lounge chair combines 50s modernism, contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship with the latest technological manufacturing methods. These key elements ensure the superb quality and the long-lasting lifecycle of the chair.”

Timo Ripatti is a designer living and working in Finland. His mission is to combine aesthetic, poetic and functional qualities into his works; always striving to design human-scale products that work in a perfect balance with the space and architecture. Timo Ripatti has worked widely in the design field and he is a lecturer in furniture design at the Aalto University in Helsinki and the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts.