10/17/2018 - Product news

It’s rare to find two designers from different cultures and backgrounds who share a mutual mindset. Such is the case with Jasper Morrison and Børge Mogensen. Morrison is a British designer known for his pure approach to design with simple concepts that add to the atmosphere. You can see it in his pieces made exclusively for Fredericia, such as the Kile Sofa series, perfect as a centrepiece or to blend inconspicuously into any décor. The Taro Dining Table, the ideal plank table crafted in solid oak. Along with his classic Pon side tables. All inspired by Mogensen’s tendency towards archetypical designs that are timeless in appeal.

Morrison’s multidisciplinary scope and minimalistic style have earned him countless awards worldwide, including Designer of the Year, amongst many others. In between his studios in London, Tokyo and Paris, we caught up with Morrison to hear his personal impressions about Mogensen. Enjoy these excerpts from our interview.

"It's intriguing that a designer of Mogensen's talent should be such a well-kept secret. As a design student, I knew about Jacobsen, Wegner, Kjærholm, Panton and some others, but not Mogensen. The only answer I can find is that Mogensen designs are intentionally discrete. He didn't set out to design anything eye catching or iconic, although some of his designs are quite radical. I believe that's the clue to understanding and appreciating the quality of his design. It's not so much about the chair or the table as objects, though they are certainly beautiful, but about the effect they will have on their environment.

I’m convinced that discrete objects are more successful in building a good atmosphere than eye catching ones. I came to that conclusion while making an exhibition called ‘Super Normal’, which I curated with Naoto Fukasawa in 2006. Looking at Mogensen’s work, I think he was instinctively Super Normal. He understood the beauty of very normal things and appreciated how they benefitted everyday life. He took a lot of care in refining and simplifying the lines of his designs to the point where the spirit of the object becomes more evident than the form. I believe that's what design is all about and also why Mogensen’s designs are so enduring."

The Spanish Chair - 60 years Special Edition
This year marks the 60th anniversary of Børge Mogensen’s Spanish Chair, inspired by the Andalucian sense of aesthetics he enjoyed during his visit to Spain in 1958. To honour this iconic design, we’re launching a special edition in one of Mogensen’s favourite colours sourced from his archives … READ MORE