Cane Wicker 

Flat rattan is made from the smooth surface of rattan, and Fredericia only uses flat rattan of the highest quality



Use a cloth firmly wrung in water for cleaning. Make sure to wipe down all surfaces evenly.

For regular maintenance and to remove tough stains, wash the surface in soapy water (¼ dl white, organic soap flakes to 5 litres of water) 1-2 times a year or as and when required. Make sure to soak up any surplus soapy water with a dry cloth.

Please note that flat rattan may break if it becomes too dry and it should be kept supple by regular washing with soapy water. Make sure to wash both sides of the flat rattan. It may be preferable to use an atomizer. Make sure to soak up any surplus (soapy) water with a dry cloth.

✖ Flat rattan furniture should NEVER stand close to direct heat sources such as wood-burning stoves, radiators or in direct sunlight.

✖ Seating made from flat rattan cannot hold concentrated weight. Therefore, you should NEVER use the chair as a stool by kneeling or standing on the seat.