Crafting The 22 Collection


With a second to none choice of materials, construction and execution, the Mogensen 22 Collection is the finest in quality and unique in their beauty as they age.

The prototype of sofa 2213 was originally designed for Mogensen’s own home in 1962 with the simple ambition of creating the ultimate sofa. Every sofa and chair in the collection is 100% hand crafted and upholstered in our factory.

Step 1
Frame Assembly

Børge Mogensen gave Fredericia full responsibility for the construction of the inner framework of the Mogensen 22 Collection. The frame is created with hardwoods that are joined with dowels.

This strong joint work ensures that the sides of the sofa will never weaken or become loose due to seasonal climate changes. The legs are integrated into the frame, which ensures stability even after generations of use.



Step 2


Foam is used to line the the inner frame. The undercarriage of the furniture is created with jute and rubber webbing. This provides strength and stability to the entire construction. Unlike rubber which is weakened by the atmosphere, jute will last.

This ensures that you can always trust the furniture to keep it’s form-just one of the reasons why the Mogensen 22 Collection is chosen for embassies and executive offices around the world.

Step 3

Leather Cutting


At the stamp blade table, the rich ox leather skins are cut with a 100 KG press. By using stamp blades rather than hand cutting, the individual pieces are 100% accurate and identical.

The fault-free pieces are important in order for the stitchers to create the perfectly structured shape of the Mogensen 22 Collection.



Step 4


Our cushion inners are made by a local supplier, who constructs them with a carefully measured ratio of foam to feather. Foam cubes of equal size, density and weight are cut from the same foam brick.

The cushions are then hand filled with foam and feather into nine chambers, instead of machine filled. This process means that the content is always distributed equally when used in daily life. This careful process is done to ensure ultimate and enduring seating comfort. 

Step 5


38 metres of leather piping is used for the 2213 sofa. The piping cutter shaves off a fraction of a millimeter to create ultra-thin ends that are glued together in order to create a continuous piping line.


At Fredericia, we use cotton cord for the pipings, rather than less expensive nylon cord, which will nibble its way through the leather through time.



Step 6



The Mogensen 22 Collection is upholstered on a fully assembled frame - only the back rest is added with wood screws. Two people are needed to work in tandem to fit the tight leather upholstering over the foam-covered gables.

An upholsterer typically uses six hours to upholster one sofa. While the process is time-consuming compared to assembly-line manufacturing, the durability and quality of the Mogensen 22 Collection sofas is unparalleled.

Step 7
Off to shipping

The structured, yet fluid visual shape of the Mogensen 22 Collection depends on the careful work of skilled craftsmen. The effort put into our furniture ensures that the shape endures for generation, and every detail is optimised to ensure that your sofa will only grow more beautiful with time.