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We choose the best materials and apply authentic finishes so that our furniture keeps it’s beauty long term, while still being used every day. Our furniture is known to age well and last for generations, however careful treatment will ensure that your Fredericia product is long lasting and provides a lifetime of enjoyment for you.

Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning of our furniture may be done with a soft, dry cloth. If necessary, use a soft cloth in lukewarm water that has been well wrung. When cleaning your furniture, always make sure to cover entire surfaces and avoid soaking the furniture in order to prevent blotching. Immediately after, gently wipe all furniture surfaces with a soft dry cloth.

For many of the materials in our range, we recommend using boiled, then cooled water, to which pure soap flakes should be added for more thorough cleaning. It is important to take care when choosing soap flakes, as many manufacturers add chemical additives that may react negatively with natural materials such as leather and wood.

Our recommendations for soap flakes:
- Use white natural soap flakes - never brown soap
- Use soap flakes that are free of bleaches or lighteners
- Use soap flakes that are free of perfumes

If in doubt, use organic soap flakes that are allergy-tested and free of any added substances such as fragrances.

The cleaning and maintenance instructions shown on this site are only guidelines. Fredericia Furniture A/S does not assume any responsibility for the use of these instructions, and all responsibility lies with the consumer. Incorrect use of the care instructions is not included in the guarantee.

Care instructions

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- Lacquered and painted wood surfaces,
- Oiled treated wood,
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 Limestone & Marble