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The bull hides used at Fredericia are of the highest calibre, from animals that have been raised under strict ethical guidelines.

Leather is a natural material that must be treated with the utmost respect. Throughout the years, we have perfected our relationships with tanneries in order to access the finest furniture leathers on the market. The careful selection of leathers ensures an authentic quality that will age with grace and beauty, as well as provide the highest caliber to our designs.

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture


Fredericia is renown for using vegetable tanned leathers. The bull hides used are tanned using a recipe of natural materials, such as bark. The tanning process does not obstruct the natural colour of the hides, allowing for a pure and 100% natural colour.


Vegetable tanning is the most exclusive of our collection, and no allergenic substances are used in the process. Vegetable tanned leathers have open hair follicles that allows the leather to breathe, and no other leather is as comfortable to sit on.


The vegetable tanning process creates finished result that is both soft and extremely structured with little elasticity. Therefore the leathers enable an expression that is tight and defined. The natural colours of the vegetable tanned leather are very sensitive to daylight, which means they will patinate beautifully over time.


Our vegetable tanned leathers are also available in aniline dyed through versions with the same material properties as the pure natural leather.

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture


Chromium tanning is the industry standard for furniture leathers. As with the vegetable tanned leathers, Fredericia guarantees the best selection of leathers in order to ensure quality.


In order to ensure lightfastness, the leathers are finished with a light spray that provides a UV filter to reach a semi-aniline quality. We apply only a very thin layer of finish to ensure that no hair follicles are covered, and that the leather has high breathability. This maintains the leather’s softness and colour without obstructing respiration.

The minimal use of finish spray requires the finest selection of hides. The delicate use of finish spray reveals the true skin pattern and structure as it was worn by the animal. Only bulls that have been kept well and treated with respect provide the A1 quality hides that do not require any artificial embossing to hide irregularities.


Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture


All Fredericia hides come from bulls. The bull provides leather that is extremely tight. This is due to the size of a bull throughout its life. Our selection, tanning and finishing of the bull hides provide a soft, yet precise, upholstery that maintains a sharp and defined shape even after generations of use.


Our raw hides come from Scandinavia, where there is no barbed wire, or many insects that will damage the hides. Only the highest standards of animal-keeping provide the quality we seek in our selection of the best leather for upholstery.


Out of 1000 processed hides only 50-70 pieces have the quality that we require at Fredericia. Surplus leather that cannot be used in our own manufacture is sold to a third party and used for other leather products.


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