Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

Most of our furniture is based on wood, and renown for its ability to age with beauty and grace.

Wood has always been the essential material for furniture production. Wood can be executed in numerous ways, however its natural properties provide physical restrictions that continue to inspire designers all over the world.


Wood is a living material, that is part of the world’s vital ecological circuit. We believe it is our duty to create only high-quality, durable furniture in respect of the 150 years plus that it takes to grow an oak tree.


Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture


We insist on using a premium selection of woods in rich dimensions from responsible and renewable European forests.  We source locally in order to reduce the environmental impact from transportation and forest felling. Our preferred wood is European oak, which is a wood native to Danish forests, that has a light appearance, is strong, and has a most beautiful patina.


Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

Solid wood table tops

We construct our tabletops with pieces of wood that have similar colours, to ensure a pleasant and harmonious surface. This is done by using A1 select pieces of wood with no obstructing knots. At Fredericia we only use quarter-sawn woods, which is the top selection for exposed wood. Quarter-Sawn woods are extremely stable and will not warp over time. This ensures a stable and durable selection, with a beautiful wood pattern.

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

Authentic treatment

We believe that the surface treatment the wood should maintain the sensory feeling of the material while being able to withstand the tough demands of daily life. Untreated oak and soap treated wood provide the most authentic experience of this natural material. When using lacquer, we apply a thin matte layer that will allow the natural grain structure of the wood to shine through.


Before adding any treatment, our solid wood furniture is hand sanded by our carpenters.

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