Modern Originals

Ever since we first opened our doors in 1911, our ambition has been to create simple, functional furniture with a focus on craftsmanship.



"It is of great importance that the things we purchase and live with, do not need to be changed but instead grow old with dignity and charm."

— Andreas Graversen, CEO for Fredericia, 1955-1995.



The essence of an icon

The Spanish Chair is one of the most distinctive designs of its time.  A celebrated piece by Børge Mogensen, which marked a pivotal point in Modernism.

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The finest wood 

Most of our furniture is crafted from wood, a material appreciated for its inherent beauty and ability to age with grace over time. Wood is a vital part of the world’s ecosystem. So we see it as our duty when working with wood to create functional designs.

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Our leather 

Leather is one area of expertise where we have in-depth knowledge and decades of experience. Our Leather Collection is comprised of a careful selection of the finest furniture leathers on the market chosen for their high calibre. Genuine, premium leather that will age with beauty and grace.

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To help you navigate the vast swathes of fabrics, leathers and colours available, we have curated a refined material toolbox to help make your choices as simple as possible.

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Care & maintenance

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Technology & design

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Hand crafted excellence

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