Hidden gems from our archives

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What makes a classic, classic? A design with an enduring appeal that’s indisputable. It’s the same criteria we used in our re-launch of hidden gems from our archives. They each give a tangible sense of nature, contributing to human-centric environments. Including an open, organic design by The First Lady of Danish Furniture Design, Nanna Ditzel. Along with elegantly engineered, material-driven pieces by Master of Modernism Børge Mogensen.

Mogensen and Ditzel were more than merely designers. They were the heart and soul of Fredericia. Defining our own design lingo, which influenced furniture design on a global scale. Mogensen worked with Andreas Graversen, a young entrepreneur when they met, creating an impressive portfolio of wooden furniture intended to enhance people’s lives. When Thomas Graversen took over after his father, he collaborated with Ditzel to infuse emotion, imagination and innovation into pieces with an avant-garde edge. Their spirit lives on in these timeless classics, shaped by their friendship and shared vision of the future.

Launches to look forward to at the Stockholm Furniture Fair:

Open and Embracing
Dubbed The First Lady of Danish Furniture Design, Nanna Ditzel partnered with her husband Jørgen to create the Ditzel Lounge Chair. Voluptuous curves and ample seating echo an openness and at the same time, a cosy, enclosed feeling. Like a private place of solace even in public venues. Inspired by nature, the round shape is all about intimacy, ideal for luxurious hotels, lounges, reception areas, private homes and more.

Carefully Calibrated for Comfort
Honest materials add character without compromise in two versions of the same concept by Fredericia’s first Design Director, Børge Mogensen. Authentic, unadorned designs meticulously crafted with materials that re-connect us with nature. Seen in a dining chair that’s as elegant in a home as in a gallery. It’s a slender yet solid design involving only the elements crucial to the construction. Calibrated for the utmost in comfort for before, during and after dinner.

Simple, Structural with a Strong Presence
Børge Mogensen was truly ahead of his time with The Canvas Chair. Given its authentic, down-to-earth approach, involving only the elements necessary to comprise the chair - with nothing to add or subtract. In a wide, more expansive size that allow us to merge work and play in comfort. A statement piece with a presence, enjoy the partnering of solid wood and canvas. Natural materials that signal a timeless, casual, aesthetic.