Pato 4 Leg Stool

By Welling / Ludvik , 2016

Pato Stool 4 Leg is a carefully crafted multipurpose bar chair featuring a base in sleek steel tubes, which imbues the chair with an elegant feel. Pato is an environmental friendly collection of multi-purpose chairs comprised of pure recycled polypropylene. Consequently, every chair in the series can be recycled endlessly.

Material Options
Pato 4 Leg Stool
Pato 4 Leg Stool - Model 4317
Fully upholstred  
W: 44,5 cm
D: 47,5 cm
H: 84/94 cm
Wt: 6.1 kg
Cbm: 0.34 cbm
Sh: 69/79 cm

About The Collection

The Pato Collection is the ideal choice for spaces designed for lounging, dining, working and living. With Pato, Fredericia’s legacy of detailing and craftsmanship meets today’s industrial standard. Pato’s polypropylene shell marks a new peak in quality and execution of the durable and 100% recyclable material.

The Pato series was introduced in 2013 and has since grown to become one of Fredericia’s most comprehensive furniture collections. By integrating recycled polypropylene plastic (PP) into our existing portfolio of products, we are taking further steps to help protect the environment. While at the same time, ensuring the continuity of design.

Pato has always been made from recyclable PP, which is pure and free from any additives. By adding upcycled plastic waste while keeping the design recyclable in the future, we follow our CSR strategy to minimise our environmental footprint and contribute to the circular economy.

All Pato wood frames and shells are FSC certified and are fully tracable. The chair frame in steel is made from quality steel and the surface is treated with eco-friendly, solvent-free powder coating or chrome- plated with Chrome3+. The chrome plating complies with lacquer coating standard ISO 1456. The standard textiles offered by Fredericia for Pato all carry the EU Ecolabel. We offer textiles that have passed fire testing in accordance with the British standard BS 5852, and the California Technical Bulletin 117 upholstery test. All Frederica chrome tanned leathers are free of allergens and meet the high environmental standards of the German “Blue Angel” eco-label.