EJ50 Club Chair

By Erik Jørgensen Studio , 2004

Material Options
EJ50 Club Chair
EJ50 Club Chair - Model 5021
W: 69 cm
D: 73 cm
H: 70 cm
Wt: 25 kg
Cbm: 0.5 cbm
Sh: 44 cm

About The Collection

At first glance, the EJ50 Sofa clearly embodies the key principles of Scandinavian minimalism. Where the essence of a design is accomplished by eliminating anything superfluous in favour of pure, function-driven forms with a purpose.

Every aspect of the EJ50 has been meticulously measured to showcase the beauty of simplicity. From the linear look that adds a sense of spaciousness to the precise fit of the firm cushions crafted for comfort. The cushioned back is angled a bit for relaxing, featuring seams that are visually aligned with the seat cushions. It’s all supported by a stainless-steel frame, which gives the sofa a light, floating expression. The result is a discrete and complete design with nothing to add or subtract. Ideal for corporate environments, hotel venues, retail settings or private homes.

Erik Jørgensen Studio


Our in-house Design Team draw on their insights into craftsmanship and comfort in their creation of functional designs that embody a Scandinavian simplicity. High quality, well-constructed concepts with a attention to detail are signature traits of sofas that fuse an in-depth knowledge of classic furniture with an openness to new innovations.