EJ288 Sofa

By Erik Jørgensen Studio , 2018

The EJ288 is a casual sofa with a Scandinavian vibe. Adding to its air of informality is an unconventional wooden frame coupled with large, soft cushions. The EJ288 boasts numerous fine-tuned details, such as the double curve for the armrests as a signature part of the design. Where the gentle curve of the frame at each end is mirrored in the inner arm cushion, resulting in extra comfort. In a nonchalant look that’s open and inviting.

Material Options
EJ288 Sofa
EJ288 Sofa - Model 8862
D: 90 cm
H: 78 cm
L: 232 cm
Wt: 57 kg
Cbm: 1.45 cbm
Sh: 44 cm

About The Collection

Look beyond the quiet, unassuming appearance of the EJ 288 and you’ll see an array of fine-tuned details that make this a uniquely appealing sofa. It’s designed with a gentle curve at either end of the frame that’s echoed in the inner arm cushions. The effect is added comfort and a subtle sense of softness. In this casual sofa with a Scandinavian vibe

Extra care has gone into amplifying the comfort of the seat and back cushions. Resulting in a sofa that’s conducive to sitting upright with a laptop or leaning back and socialising. With its extraordinary wooden frame and copious comfort, the EJ 288 is a welcome addition to the private and corporate sectors.

The Collection

EJ288 Sofa

Erik Jørgensen Studio


Our in-house Design Team draw on their insights into craftsmanship and comfort in their creation of functional designs that embody a Scandinavian simplicity. High quality, well-constructed concepts with a attention to detail are signature traits of sofas that fuse an in-depth knowledge of classic furniture with an openness to new innovations.