EJ220 Elements

By Erik Jørgensen , 1970

Given its slender lines and unadorned expression, EJ 220 Elements is arguably a sofa concept for everyone. It’s an evolution of the EJ 220 Sofa with an extra seat in the corner and a sofa seat just perpendicular. One united entity in a corner sofa that’s easy to look at and live with. The back cushions are tilted just a bit to make sitting back as comfortable as sitting upright. That’s in addition to our in-depth sofa expertise embedded inside.

Material Options
EJ220 Elements
EJ220 Elements - Model 2037
D: 85 cm
H: 80 cm
L: 133 cm
Wt: 45 kg
Cbm: 0 cbm
Sh: 42 cm

About The Collection

Erik Jørgensen