EJ220 Sofa 2 seater 76

By Erik Jørgensen , 1970

Part of what makes the EJ 220 a welcome addition to countless scenarios is its unassuming appearance. The soft cushions in contrast to the rigid lines of the sofa’s back and base provide a high level of comfort, reflecting our decades of experience with sofas and expertise with ergonomics. Even though it was launched in the early 1970s, the EJ 220 is a timeless design appreciated for its uncomplicated approach to comfort.

Material Options
EJ220 Sofa 2 seater 76
EJ220 Sofa 2 seater 76 - Model 2042
D: 86 cm
H: 73 cm
L: 163 cm
Wt: 42 kg
Cbm: 1 cbm
Sh: 42 cm

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