EJ280 Sofa 2 seater 100

By Erik Jørgensen Studio , 2010

Clear, clean lines set the tone for the EJ280 Sofa, a modern, minimalistic design that’s all about lounging with ease. Featuring rather large, long, generous cushions that trigger the desire to relax. Add the optional ottoman as an extension of the sofa and to create a chaise longue look, and you have a classy sofa well-suited for countless scenarios. Drawing on our years of experience in sofa design and production, the EJ280 is a beautiful example of uncompromising comfort.

Material Options
EJ280 Sofa 2 seater 100
EJ280 Sofa 2 seater 100 - Model 8062
D: 90 cm
H: 73 cm
L: 240 cm
Wt: 62 kg
Cbm: 1.49 cbm
Sh: 42 cm

About The Collection

Soft lines set the scene for a streamlined sofa that honours the beauty of simplicity. The 280. Visually, the linear frame is in contrast to the soft interior, where wide cushions invite you to relax. The optional ottoman creates a chaise longue look in this classy sofa with a cool factor. Versatile enough for any number of scenarios.

Comfort is at the core of the construction, where we draw on our decades of experience in sofa design to ensure a high level of comfort without compromise. Supporting the sofa is a sledge base or the choice of chromed legs. The result is a calm, contemporary aesthetic that’s well-suited for hospitality venues, lobbies, casual meetings at the office or to create a cosy atmosphere at home.

Given its classy yet casual appearance, EJ280 Elements has ample seating for all kinds of co-working scenarios. Hotel lobbies. Retail spaces. And private homes.

Erik Jørgensen Studio


Our in-house Design Team draw on their insights into craftsmanship and comfort in their creation of functional designs that embody a Scandinavian simplicity. High quality, well-constructed concepts with a attention to detail are signature traits of sofas that fuse an in-depth knowledge of classic furniture with an openness to new innovations.