EJ295 Chaise Sofa 76

By Erik Jørgensen Studio , 2018

The EJ295 Chaise Sofa is elegant yet informal with an understated aesthetic. It features an array of refined details, which draw on our extensive upholstery skills. Such as the soft contours of the seat cushions that provide maximum comfort for total relaxation, along with loose, reversible pillows.

Material Options
EJ295 Chaise Sofa 76
EJ295 Chaise Sofa 76 - Model 2945
D: 168 cm
H: 70 cm
L: 240 cm
Wt: 90 kg
Cbm: 2.1 cbm
Sh: 40 cm

About The Collection

An array of refined details contribute to the timeless appeal of the EJ 295. A chaise-longue sofa ideal for large interiors and hours of relaxation. Everything is constructed for maximum comfort, with ample room to stretch out on the chaise longue and at the same time, accommodate several people on the sofa.

Drawing on our extensive upholstery skills, the cushions are quite stable and dimensional, with piping along the edges to accentuate their shape. The loose pillows are reversible and add a touch of nonchalance. Somewhat low to the ground, the sofa is supported by slender, powder-painted aluminium legs, bringing style and stability to this contemporary classic.

The EJ 295 is a versatile design you can use as a chaise longue, daybed or sofa. It’s perfect for an upscale private residence, a multi-room house in the country and the like. It can easily stand out as a centrepiece in a mansion or blend in as a corner sofa of a spacious interior to create a sense of intimacy.

Erik Jørgensen Studio


Our in-house Design Team draw on their insights into craftsmanship and comfort in their creation of functional designs that embody a Scandinavian simplicity. High quality, well-constructed concepts with a attention to detail are signature traits of sofas that fuse an in-depth knowledge of classic furniture with an openness to new innovations.