EJ315 Sofa, 2 seater

By Erik Ole Jørgensen , 1975

With the EJ 315 Sofa, everything culminates in a beautifully composed and crafted design. As many as 180 buttons are hand-sewn with great skill in a perfect graphic pattern. The slim cushions have surprising depth and dimension, which add to the sofa’s unquestionable comfort. Designed in 1975 by Erik Ole Jørgensen, the EJ 315 is emblematic of Danish craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Material Options
EJ315 Sofa, 2 seater
EJ315 Sofa, 2 seater - Model 1522
D: 77 cm
H: 81 cm
L: 153 cm
Wt: 45 kg
Cbm: 1.24 cbm
Sh: 43 cm

About The Collection

Erik Ole Jørgensen


During his career as a designer and architect, Erik Ole Jørgensen showcased his instinct for tactility and intuitive understanding of materials in an array of furniture as well as textile designs. Armed with an uncanny sense of composition, his work signals a timeless, effortless elegance. Clean, uncluttered concepts in classics executed with expert detailing and craftsmanship.