Vodder Chaise

By Arne Vodder , 1972

With its thin frame that curves to follow the natural contours of the body, the Vodder Chaise captures the essence of designer Arne Vodder’s approach to design. Reflecting his fondness for natural, organic shapes free of sharp edges. The soft, luxurious leather upholstery adds character to this classic launched in 1972, which Vodder proudly showcased in his own home.

Material Options
Vodder Chaise
Vodder Chaise - Model 7230
D: 64 cm
H: 84 cm
L: 155 cm
Wt: 45 kg
Cbm: 1 cbm
Sh: 40 cm

About The Collection

Special attention went into the design of the Vodder Chaise Longue, constructed with a slim frame that curves to follow the natural contours of the body. It’s engineered to provide ergonomic support, enhanced by the upholstered seat and back cushions, along with the cylindrical headrest that’s secured with two straps. The profile of the chair highlights the distinctive curve of the frame, coupled with a matt steel base that adds to the light expression.

Arne Vodder became a protege of Finn Juhl while studying architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen and the two remained collaborators and close friends throughout their respective careers. Vodder went on to leave his own mark on Mid-Century Modern in designs characterised by their simplicity, subtle details and modest appearance. The Vodder Chaise Longue is perhaps his most famous piece, seen in prestigious offices, such as the UN office in Geneva, as well as various embassies, banks and hotels around the globe.

The Collection

Vodder Chaise

Arne Vodder


Danish designer and architect Arne Vodder was recognised for his modest mode of expression, subtle, sense of detail and preference for natural materials. Trained as a cabinetmaker, he was an important player in the Danish Modern movement with simple, declarative designs appreciated by an international audience. Boasting pieces featured in distinguished offices worldwide, such as the White House, the UN and numerous others.