Barbry Stool

Aurelien Barbry

Barstool made of black lacquered iron and with a wooden seat. With footrests in three levels, Barbry Stool is inviting to users of different heights. The seat is available with optional upholstering.

Material Options
Barbry Stool
Barbry Stool - Model 3801
Seat upholstered  
W: Ø42 cm
D: Ø42 cm
H: 77 cm
Wt: 7.25 kg
Cbm: 0.16 cbm
Pcs: 1
Barbry Stool
Barbry Stool - Model 3800
W: Ø42 cm
D: Ø42 cm
H: 76 cm
Wt: 7 kg
Cbm: 0.16 cbm
Pcs: 1

About The Collection

The Barbry Collection is a series of barstools and side tables. The idea behind the Barbry Collection evolved around the initial barstool called Barbry Stool.

The Barbry Collection pieces are created from sections of bended steel frames in three sizes, that are combined to form the bases. Consequently, in the barstool footrests of different heights are created where two frames meet. Then, by combining frames of identical size, the design concept is continued to create bases for sides tables of different heights.

The Barbry Stool is capped with a plywood seat with or without upholstery. By adding multiple footrests in different heights, the stool is given an inviting character that allows people from different ages to use it.

The Barbry Tables are capped with a solid oak table top. When two different table heights are combined the table tops can be arranged together with an overlap creating a small nest.

The Barbry Collection is suitable for both private residences, restaurants and bars. The kinship between barstool and side tables makes it possible to emphasize connection between bar- and lounge area – something that is often seen in modern restaurants and lobbies.

Aurélien Barbry



Auélien Barbry is a French designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He started his career by working with the famous architect Jean Nouvel before setting up his own studio in 2007.

“When designing new objects I always look at existing structures, which I try to refine and infuse with a certain twist that enhances both functionality and contemporary esthetics. As for the barstool and side tables, the various products are made of the same pieces of steel. This is a quite unique approach, both from an esthetic but also from a production wise point of view as we have a stock of pieces that can be used for either a barstool or a side table depending on the demand”

– Aurélien Barbry.