Konami Sofa, 3 seater

By Damian Williamson , 2019

With Konami, subtle lines and gentle curves culminate in a quiet sofa that exudes an unspoken elegance. Conceived by English designer Damian Williamson, whose overall desire was to create a simple, sculptural sofa with a sense of serenity.

Material Options
Konami Sofa, 3 seater
Konami Sofa, 3 seater - Model 4953
D: 98 cm
H: 70 cm
L: 277 cm
Wt: 110 kg
Cbm: 3.1 cbm
Sh: 41,5 cm

About The Collection

Referencing the Japanese words Japanese ’ko’ and ’nami’, meaning ’little wave’, careful attention has been given to create a streamlined sofa with a feeling of continuity. Featuring gentle curves for the inner armrests, discrete seams and fixed cushions tailored for a tight fit boasting a seamless flow of fabric. All achieved by the master upholsters at our Fredericia workshop in Svendborg.

Available in a variety of widths, a curated selection of fabrics adorn the wooden frame supported by a steel base and slim legs in either brushed stainless steel or black powder-coated steel. The absence of loose cushions keeps the look clean and uncluttered, while the cold-cured foam ensures comfortable seating, conversing or reclining for hours on end.

Konami’s elegant informality lends itself to an array of international settings, such as exclusive hotel lobbies, lounges, corporate environments and private residences.

For designer Damian Williamson, the idea was to create a quiet sofa with an unspoken sense of luxury. Simple, sculptural and appealing from every angle. The result is a beautifully balanced design that’s pure, poetic and intuitively inviting.

Damian Williamson


Quiet, sculptural shapes are signature traits of Stockholm-based, English designer Damian Williamson. Clean, clear concepts are expressed with softness, resulting in an aesthetic equilibrium that’s both tranquil and inviting. In his meticulous attention to perfection, Williamson merges practicality with presence. Seen in sublimely simple designs imbued with unspoken emotions.