EJ50 Sofa, 2 seater

By Erik Jørgensen Studio , 2004

The EJ50 Sofa is a linear sofa that dispenses with any extraneous details. Clean lines and corners set the scene for cushions aligned with geometric precision. The firm seat and back built for comfort. And the stainless-steel frame, which elevates the sofa to create an airy impression.

Material Options
EJ50 Sofa, 2 seater
EJ50 Sofa, 2 seater - Model 5042
D: 80 cm
H: 70 cm
L: 162 cm
Wt: 55 kg
Cbm: 1 cbm
Sh: 44 cm

About The Collection

At first glance, the EJ50 Sofa clearly embodies the key principles of Scandinavian minimalism. Where the essence of a design is accomplished by eliminating anything superfluous in favour of pure, function-driven forms with a purpose.

Every aspect of the EJ50 has been meticulously measured to showcase the beauty of simplicity. From the linear look that adds a sense of spaciousness to the precise fit of the firm cushions crafted for comfort. The cushioned back is angled a bit for relaxing, featuring seams that are visually aligned with the seat cushions. It’s all supported by a stainless-steel frame, which gives the sofa a light, floating expression. The result is a discrete and complete design with nothing to add or subtract. Ideal for corporate environments, hotel venues, retail settings or private homes.

Erik Jørgensen Studio


Our in-house Design Team draw on their insights into craftsmanship and comfort in their creation of functional designs that embody a Scandinavian simplicity. High quality, well-constructed concepts with a attention to detail are signature traits of sofas that fuse an in-depth knowledge of classic furniture with an openness to new innovations.