Piloti stone - Model 6760

By Hugo Passos , 2019

Adding to Piloti’s tangible materiality is our Piloti Stone Table variant, featuring a stone table top supported by steel legs. Each table top is one-of-a-kind, with its own subtle differences in surface patterns and tonalities. We’ve applied our expertise in craftsmanship to create a unique profile never seen before in this type of stone table.

Material Options
Piloti stone - Model 6760
Piloti stone - Model 6760 - Model 6760
W: 39 cm
H: 35 cm
L: 75 cm
Wt: 37 kg
Cbm: 0.26 cbm
Piloti stone - Model 6745
Piloti stone - Model 6745 - Model 6745
W: 39 cm
H: 35 cm
L: 120 cm
Wt: 50 kg
Cbm: 0.29 cbm
Piloti stone - Model 6750
Piloti stone - Model 6750 - Model 6750
W: 75 cm
H: 35 cm
L: 75 cm
Wt: 60 kg
Cbm: 0.32 cbm

About The Collection

The word “piloti” refers to the pillars or columns that elevate a building above the ground. While the legs of our Piloti Tables resemble pillars, the overall intention is for the table to appear like a slim line almost floating in space.

An elegant integration of the table top with the legs ensures a subtle, streamlined transition into one balanced entity.

Light in appearance yet sturdy in construction, the Piloti tables in wood are made from solid oak, a naturally beautiful, tactile material that needs no adornment. The option of different sizes gives you the freedom to cluster the tables together in a corner or as part of a sofa set-up. Place them individually as side tables or as a matching pair on either side of a bed.

Hugo Passos


“My work is about daily life – what is the point of having things if they don’t give you pleasure?”

Portuguese-born, London-based designer Hugo Passos designs everyday objects that are familiar and enjoyable, both in form and use. Passos’ work is inspired by the designer’s ongoing interest in the human scale of everyday objects.

Without disregarding the artistic potential of design, Passos stays true to his view that designs must first and foremost serve their purpose and “do what they’re supposed to”. While paying great attention to the materials, structure and ergonomics that influence the use and final synthesis of the design, his approach resonates deeply with Fredericia’s core design values.

After working as a design assistant at Fredrikson Stallard, Hugo Passos opened his own design studio in 2012. His products for Monocle magazine as well as other works have been featured at SaloneSatellite in Milan and the London Design Festival. The Piloti tables are Passos’ first collaboration with Fredericia.