Taro - Model 6101

Jasper Morrison

Taro is a series of solid oak tables created with a strong focus on daily function and use, whether in the kitchen, dining area or meeting room. With machined grooves along its length, the table top resembles a traditional plank table, but has been executed in a refined and knotless selection of oak that will acquire the most beautiful patina.

Material Options
Taro - Model 6101
Taro - Model 6101 - Model 6101
W: 80 cm
H: 73 cm
L: 180 cm
Wt: 37 kg
Cbm: 0.27 cbm
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Jasper Morrison



Jasper Morrison is a British multidisciplinary designer, well known for creating the ‘Supernormal’ concept together with Japanese designer Naoto Fukosawa. A highly productive designer, Morrison splits his time between studios in London, Tokyo and Paris.

In a world where many designers use new technologies to add superfluous details to their designs, Morrison does the opposite, using machinery to refine his designs into creations that do not distract, but which harmonise with the user’s environment and create a good atmosphere.

Although his style is instantly recognisable, all his designs are extremely unique. Jasper Morrison designs for some of the largest design houses in the world. In addition to his industrial design, Morrison has published many noteworthy books on design.

Morrison’s work has been exhibited in leading design museums and galleries around the world. In 2016, Jasper Morrison was named ‘Designer of the Year’ by the German A&W architektur & wohnen for his “important role in shaping the contemporary world of design”.

Jasper Morrison holds a BA in Design from Kingston Polytechnic Design School (1982) and an MA in Design from the Royal College of Art, London (1985). He also studied at the Berlin University of the Arts, formerly Hochschule für Bildende Künste. In March 2007, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in design from Kingston University London.

Fredericia is Jasper Morrison’s first collaboration with a Danish company.