EJ220 Elements

By Erik Jørgensen , 1970

Given its slender lines and unadorned expression, EJ220 Elements is arguably a sofa concept for everyone. It’s an evolution of the EJ220 Sofa with an extra seat in the corner and a sofa seat just perpendicular. One united entity in a corner sofa that’s easy to look at and live with. The back cushions are tilted just a bit to make sitting back as comfortable as sitting upright.

Material Options
EJ220 Elements
EJ220 Elements - Model 2037
D: 85 cm
H: 80 cm
L: 133 cm
Wt: 45 kg
Cbm: 0.86 cbm
Sh: 42 cm

About The Collection

The EJ220 Sofa is appreciated for its clean-cut appearance and uncomplicated approach to comfort. In contrast to the slender lines of the frame, the soft yet sturdy cushions provide just the right amount of support for hours of conversing or relaxing. Originally introduced in the early 1970s, the EJ220 Sofa benefits from our expertise with ergonomics and decades of experience with sofas. Which would explain why it continues to be a timeless design to this day.

An evolution of the EJ220 is EJ220 Elements. as a corner sofa for everyone. It has the same slim lines and unadorned expression, designed with an extra seat in the corner and a sofa seat just perpendicular. The effect is equally as calm, in a more expansive shape. The slight tilt of the back pillows on both sofa versions ensure a comfortable experience whether leaning back or sitting upright.

Both the EJ220 Sofa and EJ220 Elements build on the idea of democratic design. Pure in idea and execution, exceptionally comfortable and always welcoming. Perfect for corporate settings, lobbies and living rooms.

Erik Jørgensen


Craftsmanship skills were the foundation for Erik Jørgensen to establish his own furniture upholstery workshop in 1954. Trained as a saddler and upholsterer, his understanding of materials, passion for furniture and knowledge of market trends propelled him to design a number of sofa collections.

Simple, functional, durable designs of high quality, exemplifying his exceptional competences within sofa design and upholstery expertise.