Timo Ripatti

Eve is a lightweight wooden lounge chair in an aesthetically intriguing design that combines a wooden ring with a moulded wooden seat, resulting in a genuinely iconic appearance.

Material Options
Eve - Model 2592
W: 66.5 cm
D: 69.5 cm
H: 71 cm
Wt: 5.2 kg
Cbm: 0.39 cbm
Sh: 41.5 cm

Timo Ripatti


Working from his studio in his native Finland, Timo Ripatti’s ongoing mission is to imbue aesthetic, poetic and functional aspects into his work. Always striving to design human-scale products that create a harmonious sense of balance, when seen in the context of the interior of a space, as well as the architecture itself. His designs all signal a certain Scandinavian sensibility. Simple and sculptural yet highly functional, using classic and contemporary methods of craftsmanship and manufacturing.