Hydro Vase H30

By Sofie Østerby , 2020

Referencing classic ceramic vases and ancient Greek vessels, the Hydro Vase makes a modern statement that incorporates the material properties and appeal of brass. Chosen because it can be shaped in ways that resemble iconic pottery, brass exudes even more character with a patina that will gradually emerge over time.

Material Options
Hydro Vase H30
Hydro Vase H30 - Model 8211
Ø: 22,5 cm
H: 30 cm
Wt: 5 kg
Cbm: 0.03 cbm
Pcs: 48

About The Collection

Sofie Østerby


“My creative process involves finding an equilibrium. Between the presence of a shape and the material properties. Between natural materials versus industrial elements. And between traditional crafts and modern techniques.”

There’s something inexplicably intriguing about Sofie Østerby’s work. Whether it’s a vase, bowl, chair or lamp. Conceived using bronze, steel, travertine or polyurethane. There’s magic in how she mixes the innate beauty of materials with the aesthetic impact of a shape.

The result is something sculptural and functional with a presence that compels you to come closer. Merging traditional crafts with modern techniques, Østerby explores the physical properties of both natural and industrial materials, experimenting with raw and refined surfaces, textures, tones and finishes in her intuitive process of obtaining a unique corporeality.