Mono Pouf Ø90

By Due & Trampedach , 2020

Mono Pouf is a singular concept with a multitude of possibilities. Either as an appealing seating option, side table, footrest or decorative item, the cylindrical shape in different circumferences and heights makes Mono a welcome addition to any space. From retail and commercial venues to the hospitality and private sectors.

Material Options
Mono Pouf Ø90
Mono Pouf Ø90 - Model 7425
Ø: 90 cm
H: 38 cm
Wt: 18 kg
Cbm: 0.41 cbm

About The Collection

Due & Trampedach


“When you touch an object, you get a more sophisticated understanding of the beauty of the material, the quality and the craftsmanship behind it. And if you go into the basic principles of geometry, the possibilities of forms are endless.”

Due & Trampedach share a creative kinship with Fredericia that’s anchored in materiality. They gravitate towards materials that invite people to have a tactile experience of the surface, the quality and the craftsmanship. In particular, natural materials that will age beautifully over time.

By exploring different techniques and genres, they are free from limiting themselves to one particular style. More than anything, they design pieces that speak for themselves in terms of simplicity and functionality.

Birgitte Due Madsen draws on her degree and talents as a ceramicist and product designer, with a passion for sculptural shapes. Whereas Jonas Trampedach focuses on furniture and industrial design, armed with an historical knowledge of design from his career as an international antiques dealer. Together they imbue their ideas with craft, precision, and perfection. Avoiding any fleeting influences in favour of projects where interaction with the user makes the choice of materials even more meaningful.