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Constructing a sustainable partnership – SPOOR

Our customers can now purchase our Fredericia products furbished with 100% traceable leather. The collaboration between Fredericia and SPOOR facilitates this.

From 2021, Fredericia has offered customers the option of buying products furbished with 100% traceable leather. SPOOR is a collection of leather with 100% documented traceability, meaning you can rest assured that the leather of your choice is traceable to the exact animal whose hide was used.

The sourcing of rawhides used to produce leather and the ability to identify the animal’s origin can be challenging. However, SPOOR ensures complete transparency by sourcing rawhides directly from the abattoirs responsible for slaughtering the animals. The abattoirs collect the cattle straight from the farmers raising the animals enabling customers to gain insights into the origin of the leather and make a conscious choice.

SPOOR also provides a guarantee that the leather comes from Northern European rawhides. The Nordic origin means that the cattle have enjoyed some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world.

Respect for nature and its materials has always been central to our business. This means that it is also important to us to know the origin of the materials we use in our production.

Rasmus Graversen, CCO at Fredericia.

SPOOR leather

SPOOR engages the expertise of the last remaining tannery in Denmark, Scan-Hide, where the leather is tanned. It is subsequently sent to Italy, where the semi-finished hide is processed into leather.

As a by-product of the meat and dairy industry, SPOOR leather, like all our leather at Fredericia, is an example of upcycling waste material from nature.

Wegner Ox Chair in SPOOR Leather
Wegner Ox Chair in SPOOR Leather

Wegner Ox Chair in SPOOR Leather

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