Børge Mogensen Tables

2/6/2019 - Product news

One of the most influential figures in defining Danish Modern design, Børge Mogensen was keen on creating modest furniture that would enrich people’s everyday lives.

Practical, durable designs reflecting his masterful sense of proportions as key factors in his quest for clean, functional furniture. The Mogensen Tables embody his emphasis on simple, declarative lines and his passion for wood as his preferred material. With that in mind, we’re pleased to add modernised versions of three of Mogensen’s most popular wood tables - in longer sizes.

The Mogensen C18 Table designed in 1947.
Clean lines akin to classic Shaker styles set the stage for a beautiful, durable table for dining or meetings, allowing for any chair width. Sculpted legs meet elegantly arched feet in this solid oak table crafted to last. The current C18 measures 140/180 in length and the new version measures 220 cm.
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The Mogensen 6284 Table designed in 1958.
Diagonal lines are discrete supports beneath this durable table in solid oak with a presence that’s strong yet silent, boasting impeccable construction of the cylindrical legs. Perfect for dining or meeting in a size that allows for three chairs on either side. The current 6284 measures 180 cm in length and the new 6284 model extends to 250 cm.
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The Mogensen 6286 Table designed in 1964.
Extra-large planks of solid oak create a powerful statement inspired by Shaker style, allowing for any chair width. Ideal for dining or meeting, it’s a sturdy, straightforward, durable table designed for life. The current 6286 measures 195 cm in length and the new model 6386 measures 245 cm.
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