Introducing: The Tableau table crafted in stone.

2/6/2019 - Product news

Adding to the current version in wood, this new variant in stone reflects a passion for natural materials that runs deep in our design DNA. Stone is a new addition to select products in our portfolio and Tableau is one of the first to be launched in stone, elevating the series to a new level.

For Tableau, it’s quite an accomplishment to craft the table in stone, creating synergy with the soft-corned square top and the x-shaped base. Expert artisans are involved in precisely carving and polishing each piece to perfection. Stone has a universal appeal that defies time. It has an innate elegance and exclusivity, with subtle unique differences in surface patterns.

Available in two versions, the Tableau series in stone makes for a subtle yet striking statement that’s ideal a variety of venues. Such as private residences, as well as luxurious hotel lobbies, upscale restaurants, exclusive lounges, etc. Any interior where you want to signal effortless elegance.