Pal Table Series
by Keiji Takeuchi


Just as its name suggests, Pal is there whenever you need it. It’s a small, occasional table that’s movable and easy to access. 

For Milan-based, Japanese designer Keiji Takeuchi, simplicity is the path to sophistication. Seen in Pal’s solid wood table top crafted to resemble a serving tray and slim stem and base in stainless steel, with the option of a powder-coated base.


Solid wood and well-crafted steel are rich materials that will acquire a beautiful patina over time. What‘s more, they blend seamlessly with other materials and colour schemes in virtually any interior. A variety of table top sizes and the ability to choose a preferred height makes Pal a versatile design you can personalise.

Takeuchi often describes his designs as “living objects”, referring to aspects not necessarily visible or tangible. But rather, something you can sense from their presence.

The collaboration with Fredericia started in 2019, when Takeuchi designed a bench produced by Fredericia for the Fiskars Art and Design Biennale. Pal is the first commercial product in our collaboration.


Keiji Takeuchi

Keiji Takeuchi is a furniture and industrial designer with a truly global outlook. Japanese-born, Milan-based, New Zealand-bred and Paris-educated, his work transcends any culture or language, characterised by its purity and the absence of superfluous elements. Where he sees simplicity as the path to sophistication.

Our instinctive way of interacting with objects is an ongoing source of fascination for Takeuchi. Our personal relationship with products. How we connect with them and how they enhance our lives. It all reflects an ethos that design should evoke emotions and instil a sense of happiness.

Takeuchi seeks the essentiality of things in designs that have a presence. He often uses the term “living objects” to describe his work, referencing designs with an extra dimension that adds to the atmosphere.