Silhouette Mirror 
by OEO Studio


Silhouette is a series of mirrors framed in solid wood, informed by a focus on materials, craftsmanship and the experience of living with design. The concept is based on a simple geometric equation – a round, a square and a rectangle as universal shapes that are timeless, trendless and at the same time, contemporary.


Designed by Copenhagen-based OeO Studio, founded by Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann, the warmth of the walnut frame coupled with careful detailing add sophistication and a classic feel. A discrete, well-crafted facet and visible splines in the joints are subtle, unadorned design details that honour the essence of a mirror. The lovely wood grain pattern is enhanced by the oiled surface reflecting a graceful use of materials.

Add Silhouette to a small space and watch for a feeling of expansion. Incorporate it into a large space and you have an instant sense of intimacy.


OEO Studio

Founders of OEO Studio Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann have earned a strong reputation for their passion and commitment to delivering true impact.

By virtue of the immersive and creative journeys they undertake with clients and partners, their incisive understanding of the personality of a brand and their conceptual approach to creating designs that unlock new and meaningful dimensions, Lykke and Buemann have engaged in a wide range of design assignments worldwide.