The Delphi Sofa by Hannes Wettstein


Soft lines bring a soothing aesthetic to a contemporary classic celebrated for its sensual simplicity. The Delphi Sofa. As a signature detail, a unique curve descends from the armrests at both ends of the sofa. In between is an uninterrupted space for sitting, lounging and stretching out. The comfort factor has been carefully considered and incorporated into the seat and back, to create a sofa without cushions. Additionally, the low back is aligned with the arms, which adds to the streamlined sophistication. 


Delphi was conceived by Hannes Wettstein, an award-winning Swiss designer considered one of the most innovative talents of his generation. A highly-regarded figure in the industry, known for surprisingly simple solutions that outlasted time. His focus spanned a broad scope of industries, from furniture, interior design and architecture to consumer products and communications. Wettstein died prematurely in 2008 but his designs continue to be celebrated around the world to this day. 


Hannes Wettstein

Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein was an influential talent within industrial design, furniture and architecture. He had a willingness to rethink everything determined by design – from human behaviour and how rooms are organised to the purpose of things. His impulse to investigate led to refreshing solutions reflecting his passion for art and technology.

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