The Hector Sofa by Anderssen & Voll


Hector is a sofa that makes a statement without imposing its presence, where slim lines set the stage for soft cushions. Contrast plays a key role in the linear look, enhanced by piping all around, juxtaposed against the organic impression of the cushioned interior. By mixing or matching the fabric-upholstered shell with leather or fabric for the cushions, the result is a sofa you can truly personalise. 


Given Hector’s unorthodox composition, with its relatively high back and exceptional comfort, it’s easy to imagine in a co-working scenario, commercial venue or private home. Hector was conceived by Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll, who are keen on emotionallydriven designs that draw on a Scandinavian aesthetic. Aiming for modern, clean concepts that translate into a fresh design idiom. 


Anderssen & Voll

Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll seek forward-thinking solutions that break new ground within furniture, lighting and textile design. Bringing an element of surprise to ideas that often reference classic typologies and craftsmanship. In an effort to continuously to trigger thought and reflection, while pushing the boundaries of traditional design with a Nordic aesthetic.

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