The Konami Sofa by Damian Williamson


Stylised curves create a tranquil mood in a sofa that ventures into a new vernacular for minimalism reimagined. A beautiful balance of aesthetics and execution that stays true to its name - a contraction of the Japanese ’ko’ and ’nami’ which means ’little wave”. The sensual shape of each cushion is like a silent wave on the slim frame, echoed in the soft curve of the inner armrests. 


Together with the back cushions gently angled back, Konami was conceived as a welcoming gesture for you to take a seat, relax and unwind. Adding to the ethereal feeling are the slim steel legs that gracefully elevate the sofa up from the floor. 


Damian Williamson

Quiet, sculptural shapes are signature traits of Stockholm-based, English designer Damian Williamson. Clean, clear concepts are expressed with softness, resulting in an aesthetic equilibrium that’s both tranquil and inviting. In his meticulous attention to perfection, Williamson merges practicality with presence. Seen in sublimely simple designs imbued with unspoken emotions.

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