The Savannah Sofa by Monica Förster


Savannah is a sofa series that celebrates classic craftsmanship, natural materials and a mix of textures. It’s comprised of a structure made from solid wood, wrapped in leather, which creates a beautiful frame that extends from each side all the way around the back of the sofa. It’s an open yet embracing sofa by Swedish designer Monica Förster, known for her strong sense of form, colour and detail, along with her passion for new materials and technology. 


Förster is an advocate of traditional craft techniques, which she incorporates in her process of inventing and renewing typologies within industrial, furniture and object design. 


Monica Förster

Born and raised in Sweden close to the Arctic Circle, Monica Förster has authored some of the most international-celebrated objects in contemporary Swedish design. Her curiosity about materials and methods has led to her cross-disciplinary approach, involving a mix of innovative and traditional craft techniques. In her personal interpretation of design genres.

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