Making choices based on intuition and feelings

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou are the designers behind Space Copenhagen. Over the past eight years, they have designed spaces for restaurants of the Michelin-star variety. Often they were unable to find the piece of furniture they wanted to use, so they simply designed it themselves, which is how Spine was conceived.

At Space Copenhagen, they make use of the dialogue between male and female, their yin and yang. Light and dark. This sometimes leads to the dark side and they do a lot of arguing, says Signe Bindslev Henriksen (SB). When she gets annoyed, she throws almonds, says Peter Bundgaard Rützou (PB), who is quick to add that she doesn’t have very good aim. This makes both of them laugh, the light once again restored.

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

SB: “What makes our story interesting is that we started out being taken in by and fascinated by the broadness of architecture. Later on, this crystalised into frustration with its static nature and one-way direction, a ‘this is how you do it right’ attitude. What we’ve done is, in every way, not comme il faut in the industry. We make choices based on intuition and feelings, not the accepted rules. This intertwining is much more holistic with us than in architecture in general.”

PB: “It’s about clarification. Frustration helps you get to a certain place when you know what you don’t want to do. In what we do today we’re excited about the space we’re working with. Combined with touching, feeling and understanding, it leads to the transformation of the space. We consider interior design and architecture as one and when we’ve finished a job both have been dealt with throughout.”

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

SB: “All jobs have something to do with human atmospheres. From a bird’s eye perspective, you don’t get to affect feelings ...”
PB: “What we do needs to be felt first − understanding has to come afterwards.”
SB: “A sense of closeness. How do people feel when they come in?”

How about Spine?
SB: “We like the meeting between the solid, comfortable, organic and the modern. Taking that field feels open. We like simplifying dimensions and like the lightness of the piece. It is an exercise in a composition that you struggle with until you feel that now it’s right.”

PB: “In the process, it became clear that there’s a balance between two tonalities: wood and leather. We feel a recognition in the new, and that’s where Fredericia comes in with their heritage, Børge Mogensen and the rest. We felt that Fredericia was written on this chair. We contacted Thomas Graversen who was immediately interested because they needed something modern that could take them forward. Fredericia are both serious and excellent to work with. They know the material combination and could see that Spine has familial design ties with Børge Mogensen. Then Bo Bech’s restaurant Geist got in touch as they needed new seating.”

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

SB: “We had to design a dining chair and a barstool and started by feeling our way forward. When we had got the cushion to sit properly, we intuitively felt that something was missing from the low sofa. The Spine element is something that keeps the chair together and we established the weight in the metal of the under-chair. The chair meets you with recognisability without you knowing where it comes from.”

PB: “Spine? The name just appeared because when it feels right, it is. Our attitude is to let our senses guide us. We always welcome aesthetics without being dogmatic about it. It’s nicer to touch leather than plastic. We don’t want to distance ourselves from plastic, but it’s more about what we like and natural materials are our thing.”