100% Recycled 100% Recyclable


We’ve expanded our Pato concept with a version that’s not only recyclable, it’s made entirely from 100% recycled plastic – Pato.
A move that exemplifies our ongoing efforts to help protect the environment, seen in this series of versatile,
long-lasting designs that contribute to the circular economy.

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 Minimize Waste

We minimize waste from the commercial and the industrial sectors
by using upcycled plastic from two sources.



Plastic waste from industrial production animation

 Post-industrial recycled PP

This is plastic waste from the production of other polypropylene products which has been collected and reprocessed for reuse, which makes a zero-waste production line.

Plastic waste from commercial products drawing

 Post-consumer recycled PP

This is used plastic from commercial products, which has been sorted and reclaimed. Typically from household waste such as yogurt container and medicine bottles or from other sources such as discarded fishing nets.

Pato chair drawing


Ready for the future

The final material for Pato is a mix of the softer post-consumer PP
and the more rigid and durable post-industrial PP.
Making each chair both recyclable and durable in use.
100% recyclable banner

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360-degree certified

Leather Detail image


The Fredericia leather collection is only from North european cattle, and certified with the Blaue Engel Eco-label.


Textile on Pato Chair detail image


All textiles in the standard Pato textile collection are labeled with the EU Eco-label the Flower.

Pato Wood detail shot


All wooden parts for Pato are sourced according to FSC, and finished with water-based lacquers.


Detail shot of a Pato chairs arm


Pato armrests are made in 95-100% recycled aluminum.

Metal Coating on a Pato Chair

Metal coating

Fredericia only uses toxic free powder coats and best-of-practice trivalent chroming procedures.


PP Logo on a Pato Chair

Pure recycled polypropylene

Made in Denmark with the highest level of process control.


A dissasembled Pato chair

Designed for disassembly

Pato is an eco-intelligent collection of multi-purpose chairs comprised of pure, recycled polypropylene plastic (PP). Pato is designed for disassembly on site to take part in circular economy. Fredericia offers all spare parts for maintenance on site.