Pato Table

Fredericia introduces the Pato Table Series. A flexible concept as part of our Pato Collection of multi-purpose designs. In a variety of sizes, shapes and materials from informal to exclusive.



Key to the Pato concept is the desire to create the simplest design which could lend itself to countless applications. The Pato Table Series achieves all that and more. In a look that’s clean and contemporary, available in a variety of variants that give you flexibility and freedom.

The Pato Table can fit into any décor for a wide range of commercial segments. The choice of materials for the table top - laminate, wood or stone, allows you to create an enjoyable dining experience in any restaurant. Add earthy authenticity with wood to collaborative co-working spaces. A touch of sophistication in stone to hotel lobbies. Or a practical element in laminate to public venues and the like. With the choice of black steel or polished aluminium for the base as subtle nuances.

Adding to Pato Table’s appeal is a range of heights, table top sizes and shapes. The lower height is designed to intuitively accommodate lounge settings, break-out spaces in corporate scenarios or public waiting areas. There’s another height optimised for comfortable dining or work sessions, as well as a third height that’s perfect for bars.

The simple aesthetic makes the Pato Table the perfect partner to pair with the Pato Chair Collection or virtually any chair. Conceived with the right material options and dimensions for it to be one concept versatile enough for numerous segments, settings and visual styles.