Piloti Alu

Design: Hugo Passos, 2022

The Piloti Wood table was designed by Hugo Passos for Fredericia back in 2016, while in 2019, stones were added to the series. Now Piloti is also being launched in a robust and versatile aluminum frame that meets today’s flexible and long-lasting furniture requirements.

Designer Hugo Passos has always focused on everyday design, which must be a pleasure to look at while meeting all needs.
The design idea is to eliminate everything unnecessary, creating a line in the air with four legs. As a piece of engineering art, the new aluminum frame is cast in one piece, further simplifying the design, and emphasizing the streamlined look. Light and almost floating in expression and at the same time robust.

The aluminum frame can incorporate all kinds of tabletops, adding possibilities to the design, making it able to change expression depending on which tabletop material is chosen. The design update is especially conceived for contract use, as the construction is highly durable and intended for all application areas while being classic and contemporary.

“Introducing Piloti Alu. As simple, elegant, and easy as the original design but now as a flexible system that allows for customisation and many configurations. A very versatile collection, great for countless settings. I am proud to see the Piloti family grow once again.”

- Hugo Passos

Portuguese-born, Copenhagen-based designer Hugo Passos designs everyday objects that are familiar and enjoyable, both in form and use. Passos’ work is inspired by the designer’s ongoing interest in the human scale of everyday objects.

Without disregarding the artistic potential of design, Passos stays true to his view that designs must first and foremost serve their purpose and “do what they’re supposed to”. While paying great attention to the materials, structure and ergonomics that influence the use and final synthesis of the design, his approach resonates deeply with Fredericia’s core design values.

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