Q&A with Hugo Passos

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

What is your design philosophy?
My main interest is working within the realm of everyday objects. I try to create products that have integrity and purpose. Honest, clear and understandable products that can make our daily lives easier or more pleasurable. (Even if just a little bit, it's worth it!)

What makes your designs special?
Perhaps my respect for materials. My desire to show the beauty of the material properties in the construction. All achieved with simplicity. It's very satisfying to design products that are practical and can quietly blend in with any type of environment.

Why were you interested in working with Fredericia?
Its rich history, integrity and Thomas Graversen's knowledge and attention to detail.

How did your collaboration with Thomas start?
It all goes back to a winter evening in 2014 at a restaurant in London. I was having a chat with
Jasper Morrison and I remember sketching on a napkin what was then the initial idea for the Piloti tables. Jasper thought it was something Fredericia would appreciate and he suggested that I get in touch with Thomas. The rest, as they say, is history.

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

How do you ensure a connection between Fredericia’s design DNA and your designs?
For me, that comes naturally. Luckily, I was very young when I discovered the work of
Børge Mogensen. Ever since then, he has been both an influence and a barometer for my work.

What do you admire most about
Børge Mogensen? And how does it show in your work?
There is a strong, almost brutal quality in
Børge's work that I find very intriguing. His furniture is robust yet refined – timeless.

What was the inspiration behind
Collection started when Thomas asked me for a simple, comfortable, democratic sofa for the home and the contract market. I see this collection as a contemporary update of Børge's design ethos – to produce functional, long-lasting furniture for everyday life.

How long has the process been from your initial idea to the final product?
We took about 2,5 years from start to finish.

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

Which aspects of Calmo are you especially fond of?
An interesting, fun detail to develop was the continuous arm stitching that flows from the curvy inside of the arm, making its way to the outside of the arm, turning back around and ending at the back of the sofa.

What kind of scenarios and solutions did you envision when designing the
Calmo Collection?
I wanted to create a flexible concept that could be easily configured and integrated into any type of space and environment. I’m very happy that we created a relaxed, strong and elegant sofa collection for people to use and enjoy.

Which detail was the biggest challenge to materialize in the actual product?
The subtle shape of curve on the inside of the arm or ‘belly’, as we used to call it. Also getting the overall comfort just right.

If you had to describe Fredericia’s design DNA in three words, what would they be?
Quality, attitude and elegance.