Savannah Chair Petit

Design: Monica Förster, 2022

With a focus on craftsmanship, texture, and natural materials, Savannah invites with its open and inviting expression to a soft embrace. The lounge chair is launched in a new size with new upholstery that offers countless colour options depending on individual style.

As an advocate of traditional craft techniques, Swedish designer Monia Förster uses them to reinvent and innovate industrial design, furniture design and applied art design. Savannah is an excellent example of the passion for shapes, hues, and textures that make up Förster's gentle and functional design language.
The new design makes the solid oak frame a narrower shape, while the arm cushions are removed to increase comfort. The chair can now be made exclusively in canvas on frames and cushions or upholstery leather, resulting in countless colour combinations.

The cushions can also be upholstered in several different textiles, such as wool and bouclé, and virtually all colours so that Savannah Petit becomes even more personal and able to change expression depending on space and function.
With its friendly and welcoming expression, Savannah Petit is an obvious choice for corporate environments seeking to elevate their multifunctional spaces with sensuous zones created for contemplation and conversation.

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