The Spanish Dining Chair

 An icon with an entourage

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

Andalucia was the backdrop of inspiration for one of Børge Mogensen’s masterpieces – the Spanish Chair. To honour the design and expand the possibilities, we’re pleased to re-launch an extension of the Spanish Chair family. The Spanish Dining Chair in two variants - with and without armrests.

While the siblings, originally designed in 1964, feature the same signature use of saddle leather, with buckles as unique and discrete closures, you can personalise the chairs with different finishes. From light to darker shades to add atmosphere and integrate with any interior.

The Dining Chair is finessed in size, shape and height to fit a variety of modern settings and scenarios. Offering more options to be featured in private residences, such as a dining room, home office, bedroom and the like. Add the original lounge chair version, and you have a striking entourage of this cherished icon that continues to live on.

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture