Børge Mogensen


The Hunting Chair

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

The annual exhibition by the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild was an important platform of local and international exposure for Danish talent. Established in 1927, it provided the opportunity to showcase work produced by the designers, architects and cabinetmakers behind the initiative.

In 1950, Børge Mogensen rose to the occasion with his presentation of The Hunting Chair, his earliest example of designing furniture with a solid wood framework. Combined with saddle leather, given its sturdy, resilient qualities, which he used to form the seat and back.

Fredericia Furniture Fredericia Furniture

Earthy and authentic, The Hunting Chair is one of Mogensen’s most eye-catching designs. Seen from the side, what’s most notable about the chair is the sharp diagonal slope from the front seat edge height measuring only 30 cm above the floor. The Hunting Chair was also the first time Mogensen used an adjustable buckle closure to secure the leather behind the seat and back, which both slot into the wooden frame. A decision that not only allowed for easy construction, it also resulted in quite a comfortable chair that automatically adjusts to your body weight.

The overall look and logical construction was inspired by Spain’s medieval Andalusian furniture, something that Mogensen would return to time and time again, as seen in his subsequent development of The Spanish Chair.