JG Table

The JG Table expresses designer Jørgen Gammelgaard’s desire to create a simple, elegant design with a supportive structure that would not limit the seating around the table. Providing remarkable stability, as well as an intriguing graphic aesthetic.


Jørgen Gammelgaard was part of a new era in Danish Design, known for his refined sense of shape and engineering mindset. Seen in the JG Table, featuring a triangular configuration underneath that does not interfere with the corners of the table. Culminating in a square frame on the floor to secure the table’s steadiness even more.

The JG Table was originally developed in 1984 to be showcased at the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition. Jørgen Gammelgaard was one of the initiators behind the exhibition, which was established in 1981 to foster the collaboration between industrial manufacturers, architects and cabinetmakers and to bring exposure to contemporary Danish design. To this day, the exhibition continues to be a visibility platform for more experimental furniture concepts, some of which subsequently become the basis for innovative commercial products.

In terms of applications, the JG Table can easily be envisioned as a dining table in private homes, as a drawing table in architectural firms, as a meeting table in conference rooms or as a collaboration table in modern work places.

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